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World Cup Dressage Update

Source :  FEI

The last of the 2002/2003 Central European league World Cup qualifiers was held in Kaposvar, Hungary on 13 October 2002.

Top riders competed in the indoor arena of Agriculture University of Kaposvar, all looking to gain points to qualify for the Final to be held in Goteborg next Spring. The World Cup competition was won by the Swiss Daniel Ramseier, who had won Kaposvar World Cup in 2001.

The Central European league was represented by two riders from Belarus (Irina Lis and Yeushchyk) and E. Sidneva, who is competing for Western league. The host nation was represented by Sophia and Guylla Dallos.

Daniel Ramseier competed with three horses and won five classes out of six. In the S. Georg class, he was beaten by P. Gmoser from Austria. The promising Hungarian rider Rika Szeicz on Furmit was second finished second.

Seven nations were represented in Hungary. The most successful rider of the Central European League was Irina Lis from Belarus. On the 12 years old anglo-trakener Problesk she finished second just behind Ramseier. At the end of the Central European League seaon (including CDI-W in Mińsk, Lipica, Książ, Moscow and Kaposvar) Irina Lis secured her place to the Final, thus becoming the first rider representing Belarus to participate in a World Cup Final.

Result of Grand Prix (12.10.2002)

1. D. Ramseier (SUI) Rali Baba 65,84%
2. I. Lis (BLR) Problesk 65,08%
3. D. Ramseier (SUI) Parvenue Royal 64,40%

Results of Grand Prix Free Style Test (13.10.2002)
1. D. Ramseier (SUI) Rali Baba 70,43%
2. I. Lis (BLR) Problesk 69,50%
3. P. Gmoser (AUT) Willibald’s Candidat 68,90%

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