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Dressage Canada Announces Proposed Dressage Rule Amendments for 2004

Source :  Dressage Canada

In addition to reviewing all current dressage rules, the Dressage Canada Rules Committee will be considering the following recommendations from the dressage community. Where possible, the recommendation is referenced to the existing rule in the 2001 EC Dressage Rule Book (Section E).Please note: These are suggestions, recommendations and/or proposals; they are NOT rules and do not necessarily reflect the views of the members of the Dressage Canada Rules Committee. They will be given due consideration when the Dressage Canada Rules Committee meets in early 2003. Also, in accordance with the Dressage Canada Strategic 10-Year Plan, minimum criteria will increase where required.

All comments on the following proposals printed herewith must be forwarded in writing (either email or regular mail) to any member of the Dressage Canada Rules Committee or the Equine Canada Manager Dressage no later than January 31, 2003.

2.1. Competition Classification
Item c: Amend to read:
At EC National competitions, only Junior and Open classes can be offered.
At EC Provincial Circuit competitions and Primary competitions, only Junior and Adult Amateur classes can be offered.

Add d: Riders must compete in one category only (one of Junior, Adult Amateur, or Open) over the course of one competition season and are not allowed to begin a season as Open and then change to Adult Amateur (or vice versa) in the same season.
[NOTE: If this amendment is approved, then Item 2.6.d is automatically deleted.]

2.3 Freestyles (Kurs)
Item c: Freestyle - Timing: add:
FEI Pony Riders FEI Ponies 5 minutes 41/2 and 5 minutes
FEI Junior Riders FEI Juniors 5 minutes 41/2 and 5 minutes

2.5 Championships
Item h: Delete the “Exception” in its entirety
Add NEW Item i: Three (3) scores (minimum 55%) must be obtained from either two or three judges in order to qualify to compete at a Provincial and/or Regional Championship dressage competition.

2.6. Championship Competitions - Awards and Scoring
Item b: Clarify when Divisions and Categories must and/or should be included in which level of championship competition.

Delete in its entirety

2.7 Champions for Competitions Other than Championships
Item f: Amend “55%” to a higher percentage (TBD)

2.8.11 Drugs & Medication: Equine
Amend second paragraph to indicate that NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) in controlled amounts be allowed for horses while they are competing. [Possible inclusions: butezone, isoxuprine, and clenbuterol.]

2.10 Officials (Required)
Add: Item c: In the event that an EC Steward is not appointed to the competition, a knowledgeable individual should be appointed to ensure the regularity of the equipment.

2.13 Judges’ Scribes (General)
Delete 2nd paragraph [Every effort...may be made.]

2.14 Stewards
Item C: Amend first sentence to read: Stewards are not obliged to check the tack of each horse after each class but can check randomly at his/her discretion.

Item c: Add at the end “:..and should be done while wearing disposable latex or vinyl gloves.”

Item d: Amend to read: A rider may approach the steward prior to or after each test to ensure that dress and equipment are in accordance with the rules.

2.16 Judging (Maximum Hours)
Item a: Amend to read: No judge shall be required to officiate longer than nine (9) hours in one day and cannot be required to be on the competition grounds longer than 11 hours.
[NOTE: If this is not accepted for National competitions, perhaps it can be applied to Primary competitions.]

2.18 Horse Inspection
p. 44, under the table “ARENA SIZE FOR TESTS”, delete the “Exception” in its entirety.

2.19 Arena and Exercise Areas
Item b (lines 6 & 7): Delete: “...except at National, Regional, Provincial and Provincial circuit Championship competitions.”
Item c: Amend to read: At Regional and Provincial Championships, the centre line, throughout its length, and the three points D, X, and G are obligatory and must be clearly marked without...the horses.

Item i: Amend to read: At least one practice arena per competition arena of 20 x 60 (or 20 x 40)...before the first ride of the competition.

Add NEW Item j: When two or more dressage rings are used simultaneously and in proximity to each other, they should be at least six metres apart.

2.20 Dress
Items a., b., c., and d: Replace all references to top hats, bowlers, and/or hunt caps with “ATSM approved helmets”.
Item a: Amend “A black or dark blue tail coat with top hat...” to “A black or dark blue tail coat or short dark riding jacket with top hat...”
Item a: Amend “Laced boots are not permitted” to “Laced boots are permitted.”
Items a., b: Amend “black” to “either black or brown”
Items a., b., and c: Amend all references to “hunting stock” to “white or light-coloured hunting stock or choker”
Item c: Delete “Half boots or half chap boots zipped over short boots are not permitted.”
Item e: Amend “Riders...must wear hairnets” to “Riders...should wear hairnets.”
Item g: Amend item to include “plastic spurs”.

2.21. Saddlery & Equipment
Item a: Amend “...reins must be only black or brown..” to “...reins and bridles must be only black or brown..”
Define “ordinary snaffle” and “ordinary bridoon”
Item b. 5: Indicate if a Fulmer bit can/cannot be hooked into the bridle loop to create a nerveline effect).
Item b, Add NEW 9: Myler bits, double-break bits, rounded bits, carved or smooth bits
Item d: Include a diagram on how to measure the levers.
Figures 8 & 9: Include newer bits (if allowed) and acquire clearer pictures (which could also be included on the EHC and Dc websites).

2.21.2 Saddles
Add at end of item: Jumper and all-purpose saddles may also be used.

2.21.4 Equipment
Item c: Add “cruppers”
Item c: Under “Exception”: Delete “...and/or non-restrictive nose fly guards...” OR delete the exception in its entirety
Item c: Add: Gelpads, on or under the saddle, are permitted.

2.21.5 Disabled Riders
Amend first sentence from “Any rider with a physical disability...” to read EITHER “Any rider with a disability..” OR “Any rider with either a physical or mental disability...”

2.21.6 Competition Number
Add to the end of the first paragraph: Each horse/rider combination must have a different competition number.

3.1 Calling Tests
Item c: Add the sentence: Horses and/or ponies must not be hand led around or into the competition arena.

3.2 The Salute
Add, after first sentence: Failure to do so entails elimination. OR (2nd option):
Amend first sentence to read: Riders should take the reins and whip in one hand.

3.4 Errors and Penalties
Item b: Delete “...at the salute does not take the reins in one hand...”
Item f: Amend: “...but not all of the jury has noted an error(s) on a test...” to read “...but not all of the jury has noted an error(s) or given a “0" on a test...”

3.6 Judging a Test
Item g: Insert the following at the beginning: Judges must not sound the entry bell/whistle before a competitor’s scheduled time.

3.7 Falls
Add to first paragraph: In the event that a second fall occurs, the rider will be eliminated from the class in which this occurs.

3.10 Elimination from a Class
Delete bullet # 4 (both the rule and the exception)

3.13 Scoring and Placing
Add previously deleted item:
Item j: If there is only one competitor in a class, the competitor shall compete (for placings, trophies, and prize money) against a percentage of the total possible marks obtainable in the test, according to the following table:
1st place 60% & over
2nd place 57% - 59.9%
3rd place 54% - 56.9%
4th place 51% - 53.9%
5th place 48% - 50.9%
6th place 45% - 47.9%

3.17 Music
Item d: Use FEI rule here

Add NEW item:
3.19 Freestyle Scoring

Chapter 5 - FEI Young Horse
Delete last paragraph in its entirety.
Add a paragraph which includes the FEI guidelines regarding the manner in which Young Horse classes are to be judged.

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