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American Saddlebred Horse Association of Canada Launches New Website

Source :  ASHA of Canada

Communication for the hundreds of American Saddlebred owners and breeders north of the 49th parallel just got a whole lot easier with the launch of a new website that holds much promise in bringing their far flung members closer together.

The website, www.saddlebredcanada.com belongs to the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Canada, the official approved registry association, in Canada, for the breed.

"We're hoping the site will become the web portal for anyone wanting to know about Saddlebreds in Canada," explains Paul Hillier, ASHACıs secretary, "and also be the place where Saddlebred enthusiasts can meet to discuss issues, ask questions and gain knowledge." The launch phase of the site includes all the introductory and explanatory information you'd expect on a new site but soon the pages will contain much of the crucial day to day information Canada's saddlebred breeders and owners will need to run their affairs. "We'd also like to make it easier for our breeders and owners to market their Canadian breds." continues Hillier, "With one the world's top DNA labs in Maxxam Analytics working for Canadian horse breeders, we can continue to be as efficient at guaranteeing lineage and parentage as the U. S. registry, with whom we continue work hand in hand and whose guidelines we mirror."

Incorporated as a non-profit under the Canadian Œlivestock pedigree actı in 1948, ASHA of Canada has, in the past, quietly overseen the breeding of American Saddlebreds in Canada, themselves, always under the watchful eye of the American Saddlebred Horse Association in Lexington, Kentucky, the founding registry in the United States. With the respected Canadian Livestock Records Corporation, Canadaıs official livestock registrar and watchdog keeping the records and pedigrees in a computerized data bank in Ottawa, it allows ASHA of Canada to take care of the administrative and promotional side of running the breedıs day to day affairs. CLRC and ASHA of Canada work together almost seamlessly.

The website was designed by Outrageous Creations of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Having produced website and graphic design for some of Canada's top equestrian organizations including Equine Canada (formerly the Canadian Equestrian Federation), and Dressage Canada; Outrageous Creations feels they understand the needs of the horse industry. OC's founder and top webmaster is Kerri McGregor who says of the website. "We went for a clean, professional look, with lots of content and room to grow rather than fancy design tricks. ASHA of Canada wanted to make it easy for their members and web visitors to connect with each other. The site will be administered by the associationıs directors but Outrageous Creations will always be just an email away, if help is required."

SaddlebredCanada.com's highlights include information on the history and background of Saddlebreds in Canada, a registration who's-who at CLRC, an up to date DNA page, a fully archived news section with pages for international, national and charter club news, a well thought out links page and a fully interactive moderated discussion forum. Not too distant plans call for an online stallion and breeder guide with a complete stable directory.

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