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Who will be sharing a room in the Olympic Village with Belinda Trussell?

In the absence of any official information from Equine Canada (EC) on the Canadian Olympic dressage criteria, we have been keeping an updated (UNOFFICIAL) ranking list.
While EC continues to keep criteria top secret, you can access their list of declared athletes only.
See EC's list of declared athletes

Although the official qualification period doesn't end until July 3, 2016, in the absence of any further qualifying competitions in North America it has officially ended with the Cedar Valley CDI3* being held this weekend in Toronto, Ontario.

Karen Pavicic has already finished her Olympic campaign in her home province of British Columbia, where at the Thunderbird CDI3* Pavicic and Don Daiquiri jumped to second position on the leaderboard thanks to their best-ever scores of 71.120% in the Grand Prix and 72.451% in the Grand Prix Speciale.

The Toronto competition would prove to be a showdown between the athletes tightly ranked in 3 & 4 positions: Megan Lane (ON) and Chris von Martels (ON).

Now that competition is over, we're still not sure who will officially be awarded the second Rio ticket , but we can see how the leaderboard experienced another shuffle.

Who is going to Rio?

We know for sure that Belinda Trussell and Anton will be riding down the centreline under the Brazilian sun to proudly represent the maple leaf.
The duo were hard to beat with a 4-score average of 74.263.
In fact, they chose not to compete in Toronto.

Where it gets tricky is who has the second golden ticket.

It seems to come down to an element of the (secret) criteria that says you can only use 2 scores from the same competition once. In other words, your 4-score average must be attained using scores from a minimum of 3 shows.

We've double-checked our leaderboard scores against the FEI database to ensure that we used accurate scores. (see updated leaderboard below).

But in the absence of seeing the actual criteria, we're not sure if there are other additional factors involved which ultimately determine who is going to Rio.

What we do know is that without that max "2 scores from 1 show" requirement, it would have been Karen Pavicic slightly edging out Megan Lane. (Karen couldn't use a  70.157% Grand Prix Speciale score she achieved in Florida). 

Of course there's always the possibility of someone trying to fit in a European competition, but with only 2 weeks to get over time isn't on their side.

If we hear any news, we'll update this article.

What's the Criteria?

Although the criteria is not public, what we do know is that it requires horse/rider combinations to submit:

  • Four (4) scores achieved within the period of January 1, 2016 to July 3, 2016.  
  • A maximum of two (2) scores can be from the Grand Prix Speciale.
  • A maximum of two (2) scores can be from the same competition
  • All scores must be a minimum of 68%


Rankings as of June 18, 2016

Source: FEI Database

Grand Prix Scores

Grand Prix Speciale Scores


Belinda Trussell

72.860 (Florida Feb. 28)
73.780 (Ottawa, May 20)

75.529 (Florida March 6)
74.882 (Ottawa May 21)


Megan Lane

69.780 (Florida Feb 11)
71.060 (Toronto June 17)

72.412 (Ottawa May 21)
71.098 (Toronto June 18)


Karen Pavicic
Don Daiquiri

70.840 (Florida Jan. 28)
71.120 (BC June 10)

69.745 (Tryon April 24)
72.451 (BC June 11)


Chris von Martels

70.120 (Ottawa May 20)
70.200 (Toronto June 17)

70.490 (Tryon April 24)
71.784 (Toronto June 18)





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