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Dressage Canada Board of 2003 - Call for Nominations

Source :  Dressage Canada

The Nominating Committee of the 2003 Dressage Canada Board is now accepting Nominations to stand for election to one of four (4) positions to be filled on the 2003 Dressage Canada Board.

Nominees must be 18 years of age or older, a current Dressage Canada and Equine Canada member in good standing as of October 1st, 2002.

Nominators (sponsors of nominees) must be current Dressage Canada members, 18 years of age or older, in good standing as of October 1st, 2002.

Nominations to be valid and accepted by the Nominating Committee must include: the Nominee’s full name, address, telephone number, if available fax number and / or e-mail address. The Nominations must also include a CV of the Nominee, that must be typed, no hand written CV’s will be accepted and the Nominee’s signature, signifying that they accept the Nomination.

Each Nomination must be supported by five (5) Nominators with complete name, address, telephone number and signature of the Nominator.

All Nomination forms and CV’s must be received by the Chair of the Nominating Committee No later than November 15th, 2002. Nomination received after this date will not be accepted.

Please send all Nomination Forms to:

Pauline Bosman
4615 Coronation Rd., R.R. # 2
Whitby, ON L1N 5R5

Fax: 416-362-0823

Download 2003 Nominations Form (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format - click here for your free copy)

Forms have also been mailed out to all Dressage Canada members.

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